On Living Intentionally (a.k.a, Actually

On Living Intentionally (a.k.a, Actually Giving a F**k About Your Life). http://ow.ly/10v6Pd

Why “Bad News” Can Be Better Than You

Why “Bad News” Can Be Better Than You Think – How we respond to bad news (as opposed to the news itself) can tell us a lot about our resilience as both people an leaders. Learn how to manage it better here. http://ow.ly/8K9yhn

Epoch Failure’s Attitude of Gratitude –

Epoch Failure’s Attitude of Gratitude – When national radio DJ Casey Kasem said, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars,” Epoch Failure was listening. http://ow.ly/8K9xAQ

A Practice for Connecting with Pleasure

A Practice for Connecting with Pleasure – My partner and I had been together for twenty years when we finally sought help for the long-term discrepancy in desire between us. I simply didn’t want sex as often as he did. You know how you don’t want to go to the gym, but always feel good after the workout? Sex was like that for me. It just wasn’t something I had the innate desire to do. My body was disconnected from sexual pleasure. Throughout my entire life, I heard messa… http://ow.ly/8K9wS8

3 Ways You May Be Undermining Your Self-

3 Ways You May Be Undermining Your Self-Worth (and How to Stop) http://ow.ly/8K9uOG

Las personas con trastorno bipolar son p

Las personas con trastorno bipolar son propensas a sufrir de ansiedad después de un episodio maníaco http://ow.ly/8K9pLm

What makes you dance – Stay close to any

What makes you dance – Stay close to any sounds that make you glad you are alive. Hafiz photo knoxkiller Filed under: Make the most of life http://ow.ly/8K9mkG


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