Ahora leyendo: Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Lo

Ahora leyendo: Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself On Sale for 99 Cents http://ow.ly/9LAM50eGIBm


Ahora leyendo: Holding all in our heart

Ahora leyendo: Holding all in our heart – More thoughts prompted by recent weather events…. Yesterday all exterior talk was of storms and wind and damage. Interior talk was of loss and holding onto to what really has worth. What if we allowed our hearts to keep opening, even in the face of storms and uncertainty, until our hearts were big enough to fit all experiences inside? We could learn to stop when the sun goes down and when the sun comes up. We could learn to list… http://ow.ly/QLoT50eGzVH

Ahora leyendo: 20 Things You Don’t Have

Ahora leyendo: 20 Things You Don’t Have to Apologize For – If you’re anything like me, you apologize far too often, and most of the time, when you haven’t done anything wrong. Sometimes we apologize for things beyond our control—like bad weather during a party we’re hosting. Sometimes we apologize when someone else was actually in the wrong—when a waiter brings us food not cooked to our specifications, for example. And sometimes we apologize for life choices we have eve… http://ow.ly/jxZh50eFpCd

http://www.mindful.org/feed/ When You Me

http://www.mindful.org/feed/ When You Meditate, You Might Also Be Regulating Your Genes http://ow.ly/3SgX50eFhYn

Ahora leyendo: It takes time to find the

Ahora leyendo: It takes time to find the way – The storm passed over Ireland yesterday, blowing down trees, cutting power and diverting plans. How easy it is to be blown off course. Be like the fox who makes more tracks than necessary, some in the wrong direction. Practice resurrection. Wendell Berry Filed under: Make the most of life Tagged: balance, Be fully present, heart, impermanence, Life, Meditation, Mindfulness http://ow.ly/Xkg850eFgvA

Ahora leyendo: Feeling Offended by Anyth

Ahora leyendo: Feeling Offended by Anything (or Anyone) Is a Choice http://ow.ly/hQ4M50eE5Sw